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Our trading courses are very special, in fact they are the most special trading courses you could possible get your hands on, would you like to know why? The reason is because of the nature of what they're going to teach you, for they will teach you the biggest secret within the entire world wide financial industry. And what is that secret you might ask?

First let me introduce myself to you, my name is David, currently as of this writing 8/16/14 I'm 46 years old, I'm a scientist well versed in many different disciplines. I have been trading since the year 2001, and in the year 2006 while trading the Forex market I discovered a very profound truth about the Forex, which I later went on to further discover that the entire Futures, not just the Forex was also following this discovery I made. Later I went on to realize that the entire global financial industry from the stock indexes to the world wide futures to the system that regulates the entire money system around the world (Forex) was all following this discovery I made. And so what is this discovery that I'm talking about?

As a scientist and philosopher let me explain to you what I discovered. The entire global financial system is being controlled in price and direction by a computer, it doesn't really "trade" as the made up media gets everyone to falsely believe, the entire financial system is one big gigantic global scam right in front of everyone's eyes without them realizing it.

And so for making these videos up teaching people all over the world this profound truth I have been constantly attacked in person and online, I have been slandered endlessly online, I have been extorted, and I have been assaulted many times now in person, from people slamming their carts into me at the store to pulling out handguns on me in 7-11 and calling me every name in the book for no reason at all. I have been stalked now and harassed for 3 long years for teaching the public this information.

This is what you need to wake up to and realize, this world isn't what you think it is, in fact it's far worse than you could ever begin to imagine. But what do you need in this world? What do you think about and worry about everyday? Is it not money? For most people it is, we all need money don't we? There is nothing you can do to change the world, there is nothing I can do to change the world, and no matter what we do or what we try nothing is going to change.

I have had to pay a heavy price for my decision to reveal this information to the public, but they haven't killed me yet, they can only do that if God allows them to. But I have done the right thing here, I have discovered a truth, I am a scientist, and I have revealed that truth, I make a small profit $400 when somebody buys from me, I think this is fair, it's fair for me to make a profit for revealing my discovery since it took me a long time and working everyday 24 hours per day for a year to make this discovery, and I deserve to profit from it. I'm not making a big profit, I want the normal average person to be able to afford this information and be able to profit from it.

So whoever you are in this world, whether from the USA like me or Singapore or Australia or Europe or South Africa, as a scientist I can assure you this is your one opportunity of a lifetime right here, this isn't a joke nor it is some type of scam, the information I'm selling to you here in my video courses will blow your mind away, and you'll be giddy with excitement when you realize that a computer is controlling all financial instruments and you can learn how to read this computer and be able to tell which direction the instrument is going to go right before it goes there, allowing you to make a lot of money by winning trades over and over again.

Is this cheating? Well in a sense it is, but the real cheating is the people who have put the financial system under the control of a computer and then try to silence anybody who would dare speak the truth to the public.

Do yourself a big favor, grab this opportunity by the horns and run with it, purchase my video courses today, watch the videos, they will blow you away, then start practicing the trading until you got it down and then you can go live with a real live account and start making as much money as you need to make, it's that simple.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime, don't miss this one, something like this will never come around again in our lifetimes that's for sure, take advantage of it, I'm sticking my neck out to bring this information to you to try and help you.....

To see this discovery I made in action take a look at some videos I've done:

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